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The Top 4 Hottest Watch Trends of 2018

Any self-proclaimed watch lover should stay up-to-date on the latest trends in luxury watches. Here, we break down 4 of the top watch trends this year so you don’t have to. Keep reading to learn more!

The Top 4 Hottest Watch Trends of 2018

The watch is probably one of the most underrated accessories out there. Not only can they bring an outfit together and look stylish on their own, but they are also an incredibly useful tool.

Each year watch enthusiasts adopt new trends, and 2018 is no different. 2018 is ushering in a wide variety of luxury watch trends that have already caught the fashion world by storm.

To help keep you in the know of everything about luxury watches this year, our skilled trend-seekers at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry have put together a comprehensive guide of what types of watches will be a hot topic in 2018.

The Functionality of the Three-Hand Watch

In watch trends of years past, watches were only expected to be able to tell the time in hours, minutes and seconds. Today, the age of simplicity is long gone, with the implementation of a third arm.

Multi-arm watches have been around for some time now, but the three-arm watch has come under the center of focus this year. This third arm can work to tell more than just the time, but the date as well adding another level of functionality that previous trending watches never had.

Smaller is Better

Not all watches need to have a massive, attention-grabbing face; and 2018’s luxury watch trends are making sure of it. This year, smaller certainly is better with watches as buyers opt for narrower dimensions and more modest appearances.

Michael Kors Watches at Kevin's Fine Jewelers

This trend is relatively easy to keep up with as over the past few years designers have leaned more and more towards smaller pieces. For instance, the fabulous designer Michael Kors has several luxury watches in their Slim Runaway collection that exude elegance through simplistic and brilliant design.

A Swap of Color

For some time, blue and green colored watches were seen as more of auxiliary colors, accenting the overall body of a piece. Today, blue and green have taken a step into the limelight, becoming a center of focus in this year’s trends.

Blue-faced watches, for instance, have taken the place of black-faced watches, as consumers begin to form a new admiration for the vintage blue-faced watches of the past. Alternatively, the green-faced watch has taken the blue-faced watch’s former spot, noted for its retro professional look.

The Biggest Watch Trend of 2018: Turning Back the Clock with Vintage Trends

Much like the rest of the fashion world, luxury watch trends this year are taking a step back in time. From the elegant Art Deco era to the vibrantly retro 1960s, old is in when it comes to watches this year.

Vintage style with luxury watches means you’ll see a lot of worn leather straps, clear white faces, and antique designs that would have been a hot commodity in the past.

Michael Kors Gage Watches

One collection that might fit right in line with the vintage style is Michael Kors’ Gage collection. Complete with rugged leather straps, and the iconic multi-face style of older watches, these pieces are a perfect pick for anyone trying to hop on the vintage luxury watch trend this year.

Following Luxury Watch Trends at Kevin’s Fine Jewelers

If there is any jewelry provider that thoroughly understands watch trends this year, it is undoubtedly Kevin’s Fine Jewelers. Since our founding in 1981, we have provided the Northern New Jersey area with a vast assortment of luxury-grade timepieces as well as designer wedding bands, engagement rings, and fine fashion jewelry.

Our state-of-the-art showroom is located in the city of Totowa and is the primary place for jewelry for people in the nearby towns of Wayne, Franklin Lakes, Woodland Park, Little Falls, Paterson, Clifton, Montclair, Fairfield, Montville, and Kinnelon.

At Kevin’s Fine Jewelry we also provide our customers with an assortment of professional jewelry services including jewelry cleaning and repair. For more information on our products, sales, events, and services give us a call at (973)-790-8836 or visit our Totowa showroom today!


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