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The Basics on Cleaning and Caring for Your Fine Jewelry at Home

Taking care of your fine jewelry is the best way to ensure that your favorite pieces continue to look great in the years ahead. Keep reading for some simple tips to get your jewelry sparkling like new in no time!

The Basics on Cleaning and Caring for Your Fine Jewelry at Home

Even fine jewelry can grow dull over time, and diamonds may lose their sparkle if they're subjected to lotion, cleaning products or other materials that will leave a film. To make sure your jewelry stays bright and beautiful, take care to clean it gently at home.

Why Is At-Home Jewelry Care So Important?

While you may wear some fine jewelry, such as your wedding ring or a charm bracelet, on a daily basis, you may not maintain it carefully. If you clean your rings in a gentle combination of warm, soapy water and a soft brush, you'll have time to tend to the gem settings and the structure of the ring.

You may notice that some of the settings are starting to loosen or that prongs around the diamond are not as snug as they have been in the past. If you notice anything getting loose around the stones of you ring, stop wearing it immediately and get into a jeweler so the settings can be repaired.

Be Aware of the Risk of Chemical Reactions

Be certain to use simple, non-caustic soap when cleaning your jewelry at home. Yes, vinegar can be used to clean almost anything in your household, but it will destroy your pearls.

Rather than using anything harsh, simply soak your favorite necklace or earrings in a small dish of gentle soap and warm water, brush it carefully with a soft bristle brush to remove any dirt or film buildup, rinse it and allow it to air dry. You can wipe away any water spots when the piece is completely dry.

Simple Soap Is Best

If your engagement ring or fashion ring is subjected to products such as hand lotions or harsh cleansers that leave a film on the metal and the stones, it may be tempting to use an abrasive such as toothpaste to clean up the ring.

However, experts suggest simply using a gentle soap. First of all, most gemstones are too hard to be impacted by the polishing power of toothpaste. In addition, some toothpastes contain enough abrasives that they can dry and scratch soft gold and other metals.

Jewelry Care and Cleaning

When to Take Off Your Fine Jewelry

There are a few products that will leave your best jewelry looking grubby:

  • Harsh cleaners: Take off rings and bracelets before cleaning house
  • Lotions: Make sure your hands and body are dry before you put your jewelry on
  • Food: Don't wear your ring if you're mixing food with your hands.

In addition, you can reduce the need for professional jewelry care by leaving your ring at home for your workouts. Swimmers should take special care to leave their rings at home. The cold water of the pool can shrink your fingers and the ring may slip off in the water.

When To Take It In For A Professional Cleaning

Your fine jewelry should receive regular cleanings at least once a year at the hands of a professional.

Not only will this make it possible for you to enjoy the original sparkle of your fine jewelry but they will study all of your most precious pieces to make sure that the settings are secure and that the stones are firmly anchored. Diamonds may last a lifetime, but if you lose a stone because a setting has worn out or become damaged, it's gone for good.

If you’d like to take your jewelry in for cleaning, schedule your appointment today by calling our showroom at (973) 790-8836!


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