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Sapphire: September’s Sea-Colored Birthstone

When you’re looking for a beautiful gift for your September-born loved one, why not choose sapphire jewelry to best represent their unique traits and aesthetics?

Sapphire: September’s Sea-Colored Birthstone

Every month has its own special birthstone, and since September is coming up next month, you’ve got to keep in mind getting gifts for loved ones who were born in the ninth month of the year. Instead of relying on the same old stuff you might have in mind, why not choose something whimsical, beautiful, and reflective of their birthday? Sapphire jewelry is an ideal gift for September babies, not only because of its symbolic excellence, but also because of its rich, vibrant blues and vintage loveliness.

Today, we at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry want to present some classy sapphire constructions!

The Luxury of Sapphire

Sapphire is considered one of the “big three” colored gemstones, alongside emeralds and rubies. They’re the most valuable colored gems in the world, and the rarity and value of them is only slightly lower than diamond. Popular for millennia thanks to their magical blue hue, sapphires have long represented purity, oceanic grace, and truth. When they’re set with lovely, luxury metals like platinum, the vivid blues are shown off even more clearly. You can find this sort of pairing in the bracelets, necklaces, gemstone earrings, and more that we offer in our showroom.

If you’ve kept up on other Simon G. collections, you’ll know that their use of tourmaline, yellow & pink diamonds, and rubies set them apart as a truly rainbow-inspired designer. But when you’re shopping for a September baby and you want to get them a sapphire treasure, Simon G. is a great place to find remarkable sapphire jewelry. The designer shows off an Art Deco love of sapphire, using sapphire as a bold accent for the geometric style invested in each piece.

Sapphire Jewelry for Your Forever Partner

Imagine Bridal Sapphire Ring

Maybe you’re not just getting your September loved one a birthday present—maybe you’re proposing to them and you want a ring that represents their birthday. In that case, Imagine Bridal has something for you!

In addition to their pink sapphire-and-rose gold engagement rings (a surprising take on sapphires!), they also offer looks that embrace blue sapphires and 18k white gold. These engagement rings feature whimsical gingham-style patterns of blue and white that come from alternating round-cut blue sapphires and diamonds. If you’re popping the question during your partner’s birthday in September, there’s no more beautiful way to express your love than with a sapphire engagement ring.

Sapphire for Your Friends and Family Members

Madison L Sapphire Necklace

We touched on the gracefulness of the sapphire’s blue hue, but sapphire comes in a variety of remarkable colors as well. Two of the more common ones are white and black sapphires, which are used by designers to mimic white and black diamonds. But sapphires can be altered during their growth to be pink, as well as green, yellow, and the supremely rare padparadscha—a orange-pink color.

Madison L is famous for the lovely, feminine colors they invest in their fashion jewelry. Their Essentials and Ariana collections are filled with a literal rainbow’s worth of different colors, and, as an aside, they offer amazing birthstone jewelry for every other month of the year. What’s remarkable is that Madison L offers sapphire pieces in every style of fashion jewelry, so you have a wide palette of September jewelry to choose from!

Find Sapphire Jewelry at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry

If you’re interested in any of the sapphire-friendly styles we’ve mentioned today, or you’d like to browse some men’s wedding bands to pair with an ocean-blue women’s wedding band, get in touch with Kevin’s Fine Jewelry by calling (973) 790-8836 or stop by our showroom in Totowa, New Jersey today!


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