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Our Guide to Men's Wedding Bands

While a woman’s engagement ring receives a lot of attention, often prized as “the” ring that will symbolize a couple’s union, the wedding band is an equally crucial piece of jewelry.

The Guide to Choosing Men’s Wedding Bands

While a woman’s engagement ring receives a lot of attention, often prized as “the” ring that will symbolize a couple’s union, the wedding band is an equally crucial piece of jewelry. Meant to represent both the special day that will be your wedding and your promise to one another, wedding bands are just as special. When it comes to men’s wedding bands, though, many grooms-to-be can find themselves stumped. What options are available for men’s wedding bands? What does the “right” band look like? Are the couple’s bands meant to match?

All of these questions, as well as many more, can arise during the search for the perfect wedding band. If you’re unsure where, exactly, to begin to find your ring, allow Kevin’s Fine Jewelry to help. Consider the following two important factors as you browse men’s wedding bands: width and metal. 

Consider a Band’s Width

Not all wedding bands look identical on every finger. The width of a men’s wedding band affects both a ring’s style and its appearance on your finger. As you try on different wedding band options, take note of the different widths and determine which best suits you. A very wide band can overwhelm smaller, shorter fingers, while a thin band may appear too delicate for those with thicker hands.

Wide bands come in a vast variety of styles, like the CrownRing Diamond WB-9671Y and the A. Jaffe Classics BR4627-PL. Though different in their design, these wide wedding bands make a strong statement. A wide band will stand out, no matter how detailed it is style-wise. If you’re interested in a band that’s a little more subtle, choices like the Simon G Men’s Wedding Bands LG165 are thinner in their width.

 Determine Which Metal is Best

Another determining factor in what makes a certain wedding band the right one is its metal. The metal of a man’s wedding band helps to showcase its style, but it also makes a difference in durability. There are a number of popular metal options:

Platinum: The most durable of metals and one of the rarest elements on earth, platinum is a popular choice for men who plan on putting their wedding band through its paces. If you work with your hands often, or are prone to bumps and bangs, a platinum ring like the Michael M MB-116 will stay unharmed.

White Gold: This metal is actually gold plated in rhodium, which is related to the platinum family. White gold is so named because of its brilliant white color. It resembles platinum in its color, too, but is more affordable. Rings like the A. Jaffe Metropolitan BB0111-50 are the perfect choice for those who like platinum but prefer a different price point.

Yellow Gold: Yellow gold is essentially “traditional” gold, or the gold that we know and love. Warm in its color and classic in its style, yellow gold is always a popular choice. It is a softer metal, though, and is best suited for those who don’t require a heavy-duty wedding band. Choices like the CrownRing Carved WB-9968Y are crafted from yellow gold.

Rose Gold: A less common choice for men’s wedding bands, rose gold makes for a very unique band. Grooms who want to stand out, or select a less traditional ring like the Michael M MB-104, will love the look of rose gold.

Of course, if you can’t decide between a few different metals, you can always choose a wedding band featuring mixed metals. Bands like the Simon G Men’s Wedding Bands MR2656 and A. Jaffe Classics SBS009-PL blend together the best of both worlds by incorporating two different metal varieties into one attractive design.

Discover Your Perfect Wedding Band at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry

At Kevin’s Fine Jewelry, we aim to help you find the wedding band that you’ll treasure forever. With an ever-expanding selection of men’s wedding bands and a team of specialists skilled in assisting customers, the search for your wedding band is one you will enjoy. At our Totowa showroom, you can discover what makes Kevin’s Fine Jewelry the leader in luxury jewelry and timepieces throughout the northern New Jersey region. To learn more about our selection of men’s wedding bands and available services, please call 800-928-0307, visit, or stop into our store today.


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