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Nature Inspired Engagement Rings for the Boho Chic Bride

Nature inspired engagement rings represent an earthy, organic style that many brides are loving this year! Read on to learn more about this trend.

Nature Inspired Engagement Rings for the Boho Chic Bride

The 2010s have been marked by an embrace of the small, the minimalist, and the beautifully imperfect. It stands to reason that women’s engagement rings have followed this pattern too, and when we’re talking about one of the most popular trends in this style, it’d be ridiculous to overlook nature-inspired engagement rings.

But when we talk about “nature-inspired,” what is it we’re talking about? Here at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry, we carry engagement ring collections from top designers in the industry, and their interpretation of the asymmetric, unplanned elegance of nature comes through in a variety of ways. Keep reading for some of the most remarkable nature-inspired looks for the boho bride-to-be!

Noam Carver

Noam Carver at Kevin's Fine Jewelry

The Floral collection from Noam Carver is a straightforward interpretation of the natural look: Each of the engagement rings in this collection is inspired by blooming and growing flowers. Alternating between symmetry and asymmetry, Noam Carver never sacrifices the essential beauty of their pieces. Plus, these rings boast pave-studded halos designed to represent all manner of flowers, ranging from roses to chrysanthemums to the humble daisy. This means that no matter your floral preferences, Noam Carver has an engagement ring that should satisfy your tastes.

Simon G

Simon G at Kevin's Fine Jewelry

Simon G works elegant flowers sculpted from rose gold into the engagement rings from their Garden collection. The contrast between blushing rose gold and cool white gold is itself a delightful treat for the senses, but what distinguishes the Garden collection is a look distinct from Noam Carver’s oeuvre. Stems, vines, and creeping tendrils all intertwine to make an engagement ring like a Greek laurel crown. The modern split shank style is eminently gorgeous when rendered in whorls of 18k white gold and dotted with diamonds and milgrain beading.

A. Jaffe

A. Jaffe at Kevin's Fine Jewelry

There’s something surprising about the Seasons of Love collection from A. Jaffe. Each of the engagement rings in this collection are radiant in themselves, but when they’re turned on their sides, a viewer will be surprised to see that the heads of these rings and their galleries are inspired by lotuses rising out of the water. From the princess cut diamond engagement rings in this collection to the round cuts, the organic curves of gold that blossom into diamonds and petal-shaped halos are something to be genuinely admired by the boho bride-to-be who embraces her own expression of femininity.


Sylvie at Kevin's Fine Jewelry

Sylvie takes its design inspiration from the Art Nouveau period, in which expressionist interpretations of nature were at the forefront. Compared to the other designers we’ve discussed today, there’s more of a “structural” quality to the Sylvie collection of nature-inspired engagement rings. But rather than detract from that, the milgrain-beaded leaves and subtle flowers; the butterflies and sapphire “berries” all come together to make a vintage elegance that should inspire thoughts of a Victorian garden transposed to 21st century America. Sylvie also tends to prefer designing round-cut diamond engagement rings, so if you’re partial to adding that modern touch to these vintage looks, you’re in luck!

Find the Latest Trends in Bridal Jewelry at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry

If you’re interested in any of the nature-inspired engagement ring collections we’ve presented today, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry. Call us at (973) 790-8836 or visit our Totowa, New Jersey showroom today!


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