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How to Choose a Diamond Your Bride-to-Be and Your Wallet Can Agree On

When it comes to the center diamond of your engagement ring, you might feel pressed to choose between what your partner and your bank account want. Keep them both happy by reading our tips about choosing a diamond in your budget!

How to Choose a Diamond Your Bride-to-Be and Your Wallet Can Agree On

Once you have made the big decision of choosing a life partner, the next thing you must know is how to choose a diamond. Before deciding to buy the diamond for your engagement ring, you should shop around and ask the right questions.

To put you on the right track, here are some points to remember when deciding which diamond to buy. Below are three of the most important things to keep in mind when making your final decision on your center stone.

Diamond Clarity

The clarity of the diamond refers to the internal purity of stone. As more impurities are present the less the stone will be valued. However, most often the impurities will not be visible to the naked eye. Often, they require the use of a magnifying glass or special jeweler's glass.

Some decide to choose a lower graded clarity diamond to stay within budget without affecting the size of the diamond.Your expert jeweler at Kevin's Fine Jewelry can help you to learn how to choose a diamond without spending more than you can afford.

Diamond Color

Even though all diamonds look clear, there exists a color grade for diamonds which ranges over 23 shades. A diamond’s color can be seen by looking at the stone from the side, while un-mounted to a ring, and against a white background under daylight equivalent fluorescent light.

Once again, since the diamond will be mounted to a ring and almost always looked at from the top, some decide to buy a lower color grade and use the savings to offset the price of a bigger stone.

Diamond Cut

The cut of the diamond does not refer to the shape of the diamond, such as round, oval, or square, but rather to the polish and symmetry. The polish refers to the smoothness of the diamonds facets and symmetry refers to the alignment of these facets. Having poor symmetry can reduce the brilliance of the diamond.

With a poorly cut diamond, light enters and exits the stone without providing the shine a diamond is meant to provide. To choose the right cut, you can simply hold the diamond and look at it from the top to see the shine it provides and compare that shine to your other diamond choices.

Your professional jewelry store at Kevin's Fine Jewelry can help you to understand and evaluate the cut of any diamond you are considering.

How to Choose a Diamond

How to Choose a Diamond: Pick the Right Jeweler

With this information you can visit jewelers and ask the best questions, compare prices versus grades, and make the right choice for your engagement ring. By conceding slightly on the grade or color, you can buy a larger stone without spending above your budget. This may help, as the question asked is always how big is it, rather than what is the color or clarity grade.

If you work with a fine jeweler such as Kevin’s Fine Jewelry in New Jersey, you are automatically eligible for a lifetime diamond upgrade. That way, if you’re in a position later on to purchase a higher quality diamond for your loved on, you’ll be able to do so easily.

Are you ready to make a purchase or do you have more questions about how to choose a diamond for your loved one? Contact Kevin’s Fine Jewelry today. Your diamond purchase will be in the right hands, with experts who appreciate and respect this important choice in your life.


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