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Explore the World of Michele Watches

A timepiece is meant to offer up the time throughout the day, but there’s so much more than comes with wearing a watch on your wrist.

Your Guide to Michele Watches: Swiss Quality and On-Trend Style

A timepiece is meant to offer up the time throughout the day, but there’s so much more than comes with wearing a watch on your wrist. The watch you wear certainly offers the time, but it’s also a statement. A beautiful timepiece shows off your style, capturing attention with intricate details and stylish flair. While traditional watches never go out of style, certain brands wow with every wear. That’s the heart of every Michele watch: showing off a bit of on-trend style with fabulous watch design. A Michele watch is a special timepiece, one that’s as beautiful as a piece of exquisite jewelry. Discover the hallmarks and traditions of Michele Watches, available at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry.

The Making of Michele Watches

Traditionally, the timepiece companies and brands that watch collectors recognize are those with storied histories – the watchmakers who have practiced their craft for centuries. Yet among the ranks of exceptional Swiss watchmaking companies exists a newcomer just as skilled as the rest: Michele.

Michele Watches has a relatively new history, as the company’s story began in the 1940s. Belgian-based watchmaker Maurice Barouh began designing and crafting his own timepieces, insistent upon using only the highest quality materials and infusing artistry as well as skill. Barouh was a devoted watchmaker, enjoying the challenge that came with piecing together each timepiece. As he grew older, Barouh passed down his knowledge to his son Jack.

Jack Barouh became an acclaimed watchmaker in his own right, producing watches of his own design in Latin America. Jack stood out because his timepieces exhibited exceptional attention to detail, separating his watches from the competition. Furthermore, while Maurice Barouh focused on crafting more classically designed timepiece, Jack loved capturing the latest fashion trends. He would turn the hottest accessory or fashion styles into a timepiece, incorporating bright color where others never dared to.

Michele Watches became its very own timepiece brand in 1995 – and Jack originally founded the company to craft children’s watches. These specialized timepieces became hugely popular, and the younger Barouh decided to expand the company to offer designs for women.

Today, Michele is owned by its namesake, Michele Barouh. The daughter of founder Jack, Michele is the company’s creative director, guiding her father’s skilled watchmaking traditions into a new world of design. Michele, too, spend years studying watchmaking and now blends creativity with that dedication to craft and artistry.

Discovering the World of Michele

When you see a Michele watch, you know immediately that it’s unlike any other timepiece. There are a number of features that set this designer apart. Though Michele offers traditional timepieces with classic, clean faces, every Michele watch includes beautiful design alongside fashionable additions. Michele Watches recently introduced interchangeable bands, allowing the wearer to customize each watch (or even change the look with each wear).

Michele’s timepiece collections like the watches of the Cape collection all feature a traditional watch face with delicate gemstones, yet the color of the face and band is up to the wearer. You can choose an everyday, more subtle color like taupe (MWW27A000023) and interchange the band when you’d like a little more pizazz. Or, you can choose a brilliantly colorful option such as green (MWW27A000019) or pink (MWW27A000025) and mix and match different bands for your own unique combination. 

At the heart of each Michele watch is bold femininity. Every woman’s watch features its very own signature touch to bring style and beauty, whether hand-set diamonds, a mother-of-pearl dial, or bands crafted from exotic material. With a Michele watch like one from the Seaside collection, diamonds and differently colored underwater scenes make for a timepiece that’s fashionable, eye-catching, and truly special.

The Latest Trends in Timepieces and Fashion

Of course, not every Michele timepiece is brightly colored – but each one brings style and the latest trends in its own design. The Serin collection presents Michele timepieces adorned with delicate diamonds. Although at first glance these watches resemble popular stainless steel and gold watch designs, the addition of more than 100 diamonds and an elegant chronograph dial stand out.

Other Michele collections like the Deco collection resemble shining bracelets. A piece worthy of being called jewelry, watches such as the Deco Mid MWW06V000001 and the Deco Mid II MW06101D2963 feature diamond bezels, an outline of diamonds surrounding the watch face, and mixed metal bands that can be swapped out for leather and even alligator bands as desired. Every Michele watch is, without a doubt, certain to make a lasting statement.

Visit Kevin’s Fine Jewelry Today to Find Your Michele Watch

Now that you’ve discovered what makes a Michele watch unlike any other timepiece, you can browse the latest timepieces by this famed designer. Every season, Michele releases new collections of fabulous and customizable timepieces, and you can discover the perfect watch for your wrist at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry. Located in the northern New Jersey region, our Totowa showroom provides an always expanding selection of timepieces along with a helpful staff that can assist your shopping experience. Visit our showroom today to learn more about the luxury timepieces available at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry, call 800-928-0307, or visit 


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