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Ethical Jewelry: Making Accountability and Sustainability Look Chic

When it comes to jewelry brands, more and more people are showing their support for designers who are interested in creating more ethical jewelry pieces. Read on to discover three jewelry brands available at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry that are making moves with their sustainability.

Ethical Jewelry: Making Accountability and Sustainability Look Chic

Let’s be honest for a second: when you’re looking the perfect diamond tennis bracelet or pair of pearl earrings squarely in the face, thoughts of how the piece got to where it’s sitting right in front of you can get…lost, to say the least.

We are no exception to this rule; as hungry hounds through and through when it comes to all things sparkly and fabulous, sometimes even we can be less than compassionate to some of the issues the industry faces when it comes to environmental sustainability and ethical production.

Luckily, we are fortunate enough to be able to do business with more than a few names who particularly shine when it comes to loving the world and all who inhabit it, producing luxurious, ethical jewelry that compromises nothing morally.

Officina Bernardi

Is there anything more satisfying than knowing one of the most remarkable designers on the market also cares about sustainability and the wellness of the world as a whole? Officina Bernardi makes ethical jewelry their mission, earning several notable certifications in ethical standards, corporate responsibility, and low environmental impact.

Officina Bernardi at Kevin's Fine Jewelers

Makes poring over his catalogue feel a bit less guilty, doesn’t it? (Earrings, Necklace)

Tag Heuer

As a proud and long-standing member of Green Cross International, Tag Heuer is no stranger when it comes to imbibing their own personal brand of style with a strong overarching theme of empathy and ethical conduct. They produce their products with as little effect on the environment as possible and have spearheaded a good number of philanthropic projects seeking to give back to the world; one such example would be their mission to provide clean drinking water for several communities and schools in Ghana.

John Hardy

Oh, boy. This was the one we are most excited to share with you. John Hardy is not only one of the most unique, fashion-forward names on our diverse roster – he’s also one of the most globally-aware designers in the game as a whole, embedding sustainability and ethically-produced and –sourced goods into the infrastructure of his company ethos and overall practices.

He’s a vocal participant in the global scene when it comes to innovating sustainably; his jewelry business, founded in Bali during the eighties, utilizes the power of local artisans paid a real living wage. As his business boomed and his financial affairs began to take care of themselves, he spent more and more time contributing philanthropically to the places and people who inspired his iconic line as a whole, even going so far as to open up a school in Bali, making education accessible to many people who would otherwise have to go without.

Not only all of that: John Hardy’s gorgeous, one-of a-kind wares are manufactured using 100% reclaimed gold and silver, and every single diamond sold under their label is guaranteed to be ethically-sourced through the Kimberley Process. Maintaining a firm commitment to the land where he first set down his proverbial roots, Hardy also pledges to plant a number bamboo seedlings each time he sells a piece from his bamboo collection; well over a million bamboo plants have been sown in this way to date.

John Hardy at Kevin's Fine Jewelers

Some enviable earrings from John Hardy

For more information on the ethical jewelry brands and collections available at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry, give us a call at (973) 790-8836 or visit our showroom in Totowa, New Jersey today!


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