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A Closer Look at Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire Rings Steal the Show. These Rings Highlight the Center Stone. Find Out What Makes These Rings a Wonder to Behold.

Benefits of a Solitaire Ring

With a solitaire ring the center stone steals the show. There is nothing to obstruct the view, or the light, from your diamond or other jewel. It is this pure and stunning look that has made the solitaire setting the number one choice for engagement rings since the late 1800s. The solitaire ring setting remains the most popular engagement ring setting after so long because it sends a powerful and traditional message of commitment. Timeless and enduring, they are always in style.

Solitaire rings are the most adaptable of all settings. Solitaire settings can be richly ornate, or relatively simple depending on your personal style. Unlike other types of setting designs which might not complement certain diamond shapes, solitaire designs work well with all types of stone shapes and sizes. The simple design of a solitaire ring gives more flexibility as to what other jewelry and accessories your ring can be combined with.

The classic elegance of a solitaire is matched by its budget conscious advantage. Since the solitaire is an easier ring to fabricate, you will spend less on the ring, which means you can invest in a higher quality diamond. Since the solitaire ring increases a jewel’s brilliance, (by allowing the stone to receive as much light as possible), and shows off the center stone most fully, it is the perfect ring to emphasize a beautiful diamond or gemstone. Another perk to a solitaire ring is it is easier to clean, maintain, and re-size. 

In solitaire settings, the center stone is the star of the show, so you want to highlight it as much as possible. The most popular way to mount a diamond in a solitaire ring is with prongs or bezels. Prong settings have the advantage of leaving more of the diamond visible compared to bezel settings. Some people prefer the 4-prong ring setting because the gem is exposed to more light and thus sparkles brighter than a diamond in a 6-prong ring setting. Others prefer the added security of the two extra prongs in the 6-prong setting. Bezel settings are the most secure of all. Since they hold the diamond with a band of metal, they tend to hide more of the stones compared to prongs.

Diamond Solitaire Rings

The iconic engagement ring is the solitaire. The most crucial part of selecting a solitaire engagement ring is choosing the diamond. A diamond’s look is influenced by the color, clarity, cut and carat. Let’s look at these how these four elements comprise the enduring beauty of a solitaire engagement ring.


Diamond color is graded using letters from D to Z, as you go lower down the color scale, the more yellowish tints there will be in the diamonds. H, I or J will appear the same to an untrained eye, so this range is good.

Clarity :

How clear a diamond looks depends on the visibility of its flaws (also called inclusions). A good bet for a diamond with no flaws visible to the naked is a stone graded SI1 (or even SI2).


The cut will maximize how a diamond reflects light, determining the brilliance and sparkle. A diamond’s fire, the interplay of brilliance and sparkle, is what makes a diamond the most desired jewel in the world. With a solitaire, all the attention is drawn to the center stone, so make sure the diamond you choose has a cut that is graded at least Good, and preferably Very Good or Excellent.

Professional Tip: Cut is the quality characteristic you should not compromise in a solitaire ring.


The weight of the diamond is determined by the stone’s size. Since the solitaire ring setting is less pricey than other settings, most people put those savings into a bigger carat diamond.

 Shopping with Kevin’s Fine Jewelry

As an authorized dealer of designer solitaire rings, Kevin’s Fine Jewelers offers the widest and best selection. Backed by a lifetime warranty, and offering lifetime diamond upgrade and complimentary cleaning and inspection, you can be assured your solitaire ring purchase will never cease to dazzle.

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