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6 Popular Metals to Consider before Choosing Your Wedding Band

Wedding season is upon us! Here are the best metals for men’s wedding bands to make your shopping easier.

6 Popular Metals to Consider before Choosing Your Wedding Band

Wedding bands symbolize commitment, passion, and undying love between two people. Choosing the right wedding band can take patience and a keen eye for style. Women have thousands of styles to choose from including retro and modern styles for every type of fashionista. Men, however, have not had the luxury of having so much variety when it comes to men’s wedding band styles.

Luckily, all of that is changing. Men are seeing the growing popularity of these high-end romantic keepsakes. Men’s wedding bands can be simple or complex, depending on an individual’s style. There are many factors to consider when buying men’s wedding bands and metal type is one of them. To give you some guidance, here’s a guide on the best metals for men’s wedding bands.

Men’s Wedding Bands Metals To Consider

Men’s wedding band metals are highly polished and soft to the touch. They’re usually hand-crafted by seasoned professionals that want to make your special day one to remember. Each wedding band metal type has its own pros and cons, but each signifies the true love you have for your partner.

Regardless of what type of men’s wedding band you choose, you’ll find the right one at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry.

Bright and Shining Yellow Gold

Crownring Yellow Gold Wedding Band

Yellow gold men’s wedding bands can range from simple and thin bands to more embellished works of art. This metal type has been prized for many years due to its warm and radiant glow. Yellow gold is typically made out of a mixture of pure gold, copper, and zinc to improve its durability. Men can choose from stunning 14k or 18k yellow gold bands to showcase its vintage appeal.

Yellow gold is a truly elegant choice, but consumers should consider that the higher the purity of gold, the more the wedding band is prone to scratches. Regular care can maintain the men’s wedding band in near pristine condition. Yellow gold is also very resistant to rust and corrosion. Its alloy mix is perfect for individuals that have skin reactions from other metals.

CrownRing’s wedding band selection features stunning yellow gold models. A classic yellow gold wedding band from CrownRing will stun everyone with its pristine milgrain edging and textured surface. Yellow gold will make you feel like royalty.

Classic and Timeless White Gold

A. Jaffe White Gold Wedding Band

White gold combines pure gold with other gold alloys to create this ever-stylish metal type. White gold has a distinctive polish that is almost mirror-like. They’re plated with rhodium (hypoallergenic) to bolster its luster, but can fade over time.

A. Jaffe has a penchant for using gold varieties to bring out a flawless glow from its wedding bands. Its Art Deco white gold rings represent high-quality and opulence. Its ring has a simplistic bend but have intricate details to give it more depth.

Bring the Romance With Rose Gold

Simon G Rose Gold Wedding Band

Rose gold wedding bands aren’t just for women. Men have also jumped on the rose gold bandwagon. Many couples want to match with their wedding bands. Rose gold has many of the same metals as yellow gold but in different ratios. Rose gold has about 25% copper responsible for its pinkish hue.

The high copper concentration makes rose gold wedding bands very resilient to wear and tear, but runs the risk of discoloring skin or causing an allergic reaction. Simon G knows how to incorporate rose gold into its men’s wedding bands. A rose gold wedding band is stylish and bold for the adventurous partner.

Black and Grey Gold Wedding Bands

Simon G Black and Gold Wedding Band

Men’s wedding bands don’t have to follow the traditional route with time-honored metals. Black and grey gold varieties. Recent innovations have allowed jewelers to create different gold hues including blue, red, green, black, and grey gold wedding bands. Black gold alloys are infused with cobalt with its distinctive shadowy hue.

Grey gold is another popular alloy made with a mixture of silver, copper, and manganese. Like its yellow gold counterpart, black and grey gold are sophisticated and opulent. Simon G features a wide selection of black gold wedding bands with hammered designs and center grooved accents.

Stun in Platinum

Michael M Platinum Wedding Band

Platinum is a pricey, but worthy metal type for men’s wedding bands. It’s one of the strongest metals on the list. Men will appreciate platinum’s timeless appeal that goes well with any wedding day attire. Shoppers looking for a pure metal product can turn to platinum which ranges between 95-98% purity.

Platinum’s white and reflective surface is durable and resistant to scratches. Consumers will love that platinum isn’t as high-maintenance as other metal types. Go with platinum if you’re looking for an investment that will last. Michael M’s platinum wedding bands are a go-to choice for those who want a strong and sturdy wedding band.

Sleek and Cool Titanium

Michael M Titanium Wedding Band

Titanium is a new addition to men’s wedding band metals. This metal has become incredibly popular for its durability. Titanium is also very easy to engrave and personalize. Grooms that want a wedding band metal with a bit of an edge can choose titanium. The metal hue can even come in a blackened hue.

Titanium is used in a variety of industrial applications making it the ideal choice for men who want a ring that can stand the test of time. Its durability has a weak spot. Titanium can be vulnerable to certain industrial chemicals including chlorine. Michael M makes stunning titanium wedding bands embellished with striking diamonds and a channel ring style.

Find the Perfect Wedding Band at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry

Men’s wedding bands can satisfy minimalist or maximalist style choices. You’ll find everything you need at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry in Totowa, New Jersey. Stop by our showroom to view our extensive selection of men’s wedding band metals that can complement your suit. Kevin’s Fine Jewelry will guide you through the many aspects of shopping for a wedding band.


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