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Jewelry Cleaning and Inspection

Jewelry Cleaning Services at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry

Jewelry Cleaning Services at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry

What goes into cleaning your jewelry when you drop it off with us here at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry? It’s largely a two-step process that our team performs to ensure that your keepsakes are as dazzling as the day you purchased them. For diamonds and precious metals, we first place them in an ultrasonic cleaner. The cleaning solution is specially designed to create tiny bubbles when it’s vibrated with ultrasonic sound waves. These bubbles grab onto little bits of dirt and grime, lifting them from the diamond or metal. Once washed, we go over the pieces with a jet of steam, which gets rid of any tightly packed grime left over.

There are specialized procedures for cleaning soft stones such as pearls or opal, and we encourage our customers to trust this cleaning to our team, since the soft nacre of pearl and the amorphous structure of opal (as well as other organic gems like amber or mother of pearl) require a different protocol to keep them radiant.

About Our Jewelry Inspection Services

Jewelry inspection is closely related to jewelry cleaning, since they’re both methods of ensuring that the treasured keepsakes that have emotional resonance for you stay pristine for generations to come. When you drop off your jewelry, we inspect your pieces once they’ve been professionally cleaned. The process of inspection generally goes as follows: We first inspect all of the piece’s prongs under a loupe. If the prongs are bent, dented, or askew, we take note of that for further repair. There are occasions when a prong is too weak for a quick repair, and if that’s the case, we’ll discuss replacing the prongs with you.

We also check the surface of your jewelry for wear and tear. Occasionally, damage can be difficult to see or hidden by filigrees and settings. Finally, we check your diamonds and colored gems for damage. As crystals, gemstones are prone to chipping or cracking in a way that isn’t a worry with metal. It’s also important that none of your gems are loose, since it can be heartbreaking to unexpectedly lose a diamond in your favorite ring.

Finally, we give your jewelry’s gold, platinum, or silver a polish and return it to you! If your white gold jewelry’s rhodium plating is wearing off, we can also let you know about that and give it a quick dip. At Kevin’s Fine Jewelry, we suggest that our customers bring their pieces in at least two times a year to ensure that they’re clean and secure all year round. Remember that we offer our cleaning and inspection service free of charge!

Visit Kevin’s Fine Jewelry for Jewelry Cleaning and Inspection

Since 1982, Kevin’s Fine Jewelry has been trusted by the men and women of our community with keeping their treasured pieces clean, secure, and maintained. Our decades of experience when it comes to the art of jewelry has given us a level of expertise that puts us ahead of the pack when it comes to jewelry stores. If you’re looking for trustworthy jewelry cleaning and inspection, or any other jewelry service you may require, don’t hesitate to contact us at our Totowa, New Jersey showroom at (973) 790-8836!

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