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Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement Ring Styles at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry

The artistic excellence of different engagement ring styles comes from their designers’ ability to work with traditional patterns, bringing vintage ideas to contemporary audiences. However, while these ideas are built along well-worn paths, some women and men aren’t familiar with the terminology that’s used to describe these features.

For the sake of helping our customers find an engagement ring that speaks to their unique sensibilities, we at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry are providing this quick guide to engagement ring styles!

Side Stone Engagement Rings

When we talk about side stone engagement rings, we’re talking about a specific type of decoration on the ring. With this engagement ring style, the shank of the ring is covered with smaller gemstones (usually of a comparable size) to complement the center stone with their presence. The simplicity and versatility of the side stone ring allow for so many different variations, it’s difficult not to find something you like in the style. One of the best things about the side stone model is that it also allows designers to show off unique settings, including pave-set split shanks and the uniqueness of the channel setting.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

It’s important to start off this guide with an introduction to side stone rings, because the three stone ring style plays with the idea in a different way. Three stone rings tend to be a stepped formula, where a big center stone is framed by two mid-sized jewels, and the small side stones frame those along the shank. The shift to this engagement ring style allows the eye to naturally flow away from or toward the center stone, creating a remarkable contrast between the framing stones and the center diamond. Also, designers frequently use unique diamond shapes you won’t see elsewhere, like bullet-cut and half-moon-cut diamonds in this style.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Compared to the previous two styles, the solitaire style is more restrained. Named for the fact that a solitaire ring only uses one stone, this style embraces the power of minimalism. Using all manner of settings, including bezels and multi-prong styles, a designer can show off a center stone in a way that other engagement ring styles can’t match. In the case of a solitaire, a designer can choose to add side stones, but they’re often hidden in such a way that they’re a gorgeous surprise—such as adding the jewels to the gallery holding up the center diamond. Additionally, this style is the most remarkable way to show off delicate filigrees and textures in the metal of the ring!

Halo Engagement Rings

Right off the bat, halo engagement rings exude “vintage charm.” Popularized in the Victorian and Art Deco periods, modern women appreciate the halo for its pop and boldness. A halo ring features a metal disc or geometric pattern set with diamonds that surround the center stone. Multiple halos can be stacked, but the general idea is that a single halo frames the center diamond with the glitter of diamonds, contrasting tones of gold, or colored gemstones. Many designers, for example, create a vintage-themed “moat” of blue sapphires to surround the center diamond. If you’re partial to having a ring that’s going to inevitably be the center of attention, the fiery luster of a halo ring may be right for you.

If you’d like to find out more about the engagement ring styles we offer at Kevin’s Fine Jewelry, call us at (973) 790-8836 or stop by our Totowa, New Jersey showroom today!

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